The Story of


Two female entrepreneurs, Angi Ellett and Jessica Harvey opened PangoPups. On the 9th of August 2019. The unique name, PangoPups came out of a combined love of children and the environment. As a baby Pangolin is called a 'pup', and with the product focus being on babies and children, it was a perfect choice.

Pangopups has a retail store in Hoedspruit and an online store. Both stores boast an extensive variety of baby and children's necessities and accessories, from an incredible array of Melissa & Doug products to our range of Muslin blankets. We also stock a lovely range of traditional baby care products as well as the organic and environmentally friendly alternatives.

As our focus is on conservation, and on being very eco-conscious, we pride ourselves on being one of the very few baby stores in the country that sell beautifully designed, modern cloth nappies. They come in impressive colours and patterns for all ages. Your purchase will be given to you in a paper bag, to ensure we are not contributing to the global plastic crisis, and all our baby bottles are stainless steel and glass from both Pura and Tommee Tippee.

We stock superior wooden, educational items, and many other toys like Lego. With our love for books and science, we have created a kids reading corner in our shop which has a wide range of books for all ages to read and for sale. All our products are quality tested by us to ensure you are getting only the best.

It is our vision to grow our business by the continuous support we give local sewing projects and initiatives. The social upliftment of the locals we partner with is an integral part of our business model and we have several artisans whose products we stock. We have also joined forces with a local lady from the Oaks who sews for us. Due to this, we have been able to produce our very own, unique range of clothing and have created gorgeous onesies and pants and can even offer custom bedding.

So every time you buy one of our items, you will be supporting local, and your little bundle will be rocking a very unique PangoPups branded outfit.